Tiny at birth – now she’s one!

By admin
18 July 2012

She’s snugly dressed and beneath the hood of her winter jacket her alert eyes follow her father’s every movement as he blows up balloons.

It’s almost a year since Allegra Lategan was born – and had maternity ward staff at a Cape Town hospital in a flat spin.

When her mother started bleeding 22 weeks into her pregnancy they thought it was a miscarriage.

Then one of the nursing sisters noticed movement in the fetus.

Now Allegra’s parents are preparing for the first birthday of the baby who had South Africans and medical experts across the globe talking.

Her small hand curls around her mom Chantal’s little finger as friends and family coo about how nice and chubby she’s become.

This is the same child who weighed just 515 g when she left the womb so very prematurely.

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