Tiny hedgehog has tiny birthday party in an explosion of cuteness

By admin
11 July 2014

Even hedgehogs have birthdays, and this little guy certainly knows how to knock back a cupcake!

Watch as this adorable hedgehog celebrates another year going by with his two hamster friends. The hammies are definitely at an advantage, as they have the ability to hoard food in their cheeks.

Mr Hedgehog’s hamster friends do seem particularly greedy, and waste no time in storing their sweet treats in their cheeks for later snacking.

The video is made my Hello Denizen, the people who made the equally cute video of ‘Tiny hamster eating tiny burritos’.

Fact: The platypus, some rodents and most monkeys also have cheek pouches. The cheek pouches of chipmunks can reach the size of their body when full.

Source: wikipedia

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