Tipple to make your eyes water

By Kirstin Buick
27 October 2013

The eye-wateringly expensive bottle if Glenfiddich 50-year-old single-malt whisky recently sold to an anonymous buyer at Makro caused quite a stir. But it’s not the only bottle of booze in South Africa that’s fetched sky-high prices.

  • Winelovers would be interested to know the highest price paid at this year’s Nederburg auction was for a 40-year-old cabernet sauvignon from Zonnebloem. A box with three bottles went to a buyer from Nigeria for R22 000, which amounts to R7 333 a bottle. The reserve price was only R1 500 for the three bottles. There were however a number of local and foreign buyers who were keen to add the wine to their collections resulting in some stiff bidding.

  • In a statement released last year, Van Ryn says its AU.RA pot-stilled brandy sold for R14 000 a bottle. Only 107 bottles were filled with the luxury 30-year-old connoisseur brandy.

  • Two years ago Bunnahabhain 30-year-old whisky was sold at R4 000 a bottle, says Linda Christensen of DKC De Kock Communication, who handles enquiries on behalf of Distell. “Only 17 of the 357 bottles were available in South Africa and they were already sold before they landed in the country. The rest were sold worldwide.”

Annaleigh Vallie, a spokesperson for Massmart who owns Makro in South Africa, says the price paid for the R300 000 bottle of whiskey is determined by supply and demand.

- Marelize Potgieter


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