Tips for grocery shopping with your kids

By Lindsay de Freitas
29 December 2015

Here are a few tips for making your trip to the shops with your kids less of an ordeal.

Grocery shopping with your children can turn out to be a disaster and (most moms would agree) that it should be avoided at all costs.

But even if you are able to avoid it at any other time, you may not be able to in the silly season.

1. If you have the luxury of choosing the time of day you go grocery shopping with your little ones, make sure you hit the shops first thing in the morning. Finding parking should be less of a challenge and the stores should be slightly emptier.

2. Before you get out of the car (or on your way to the shop) do a little pep-talk with the kids. Explain to them what you expect of them in the store. Maybe throw in a little incentive for later, like promising them an hour in the park if they're on their best behaviour.

3. Do the bathroom trip as soon as you walk in, this way you will avoid a mad dash to the bathroom interrupting your shopping.

4. If at all possible, let them eat before you get to the shops – if you didn’t have a chance to eat, make sure you stop to get food before you hit the aisles. Making sure you’ve eaten before you start shopping will make the entire trip go a lot smoother.

6. A genius way to get kids involved and keep them entertained is to either let them hold the grocery list or make them copies of it so that they can check things off you as you go.

7. Another way to make them feel like they’re on your team is to let them push the trolley or help load things in. You can even go as far as letting them help you to count the oranges or check which cheese is the cheapest.

If after trying some (or all) of the above suggestions your kids have are still not cooperating, they may have reached their limit and it would be best to leave and go back to the shops on another day. While the shopping can wait an exhausted, hungry, sick or over-stimulated child cannot.


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