Tips for your wool items

By admin
13 June 2013

Keep your favourite pieces looking their best:

  • Brush garments lengthwise after wearing to remove surface soil that might become stains later on. Dust and dirt can dull the appearance of fine fabrics
  • Woven garments should be hung on shaped or padded coat hangers. Knitted garments should be gently folded and stored in drawers
  • Rest merino garments for 24 hours before wearing again. This gives the natural resilience and spring in the Merino wool fibre time to recover and return to its original shape
  • Garments can be refreshed after unpacking or wearing by hanging them in a steamy bathroom. Moisture from the steam will remove wrinkles
  • Many woollen garments do not require ironing, but very smooth fabrics may look better if pressed Always use steam when pressing. Set your iron on the wool setting and avoid ironing the fabric when it’s totally dry
Storing your woolly wonders:
  • Before storing or washing, empty pockets and remove accessories to avoid sagging and bulging. Store with closures zipped or buttoned
  • Since food stains and body oils attract moths, you should ensure your garment is clean before packing it away in airtight bags or containers. Ideally use a Woolmark approved moth repellent but do not place directly on the garment

Source: Cape Wools

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