To Spill or Not to Spill

By admin
11 January 2014

Got a big, juicy secret? Find out when it’s okay to open up and when you’re in danger of giving too much away

You’re jealous of your friend’s popularity

Zip it

Jealousy is a curse! And when it comes to friends it can be toxic. So your friend gets all the attention and it’s bugging you – take a deep breath and stop wasting your time and energy on something you can’t control. Instead think about all the positives you have to offer and all the reasons why you rock! All you can be is yourself so get that right and you’ll be crowned Miss Popular.

You hate the way he kisses

Spill it

Kissing your boyfriend should be like going on your favourite roller-coaster ride: exciting, a bit scary and so much fun! If it isn’t you need to speak up. Your guy would prefer you talk to him about it than find out you’ve been discussing his skills with your friends. Start by telling him what he does that you really like (he’s not embarrassed to give you a peck in front of his friends, for example) and then gently let him know what you would prefer him to do. The best bit? Practise makes perfect!

He’s your first boyfriend

Spill it.

So you might feel a little embarrassed to tell your new guy he’s your first boyfriend but it’s not a big deal. Next time you’re together casually let him know you’re new at this and then go about your date as usual. You’ll know he’s right for you if he doesn’t rush you or pressure you into doing something you’re not ready for.

You’re hiding your school report from your parents

Spill it.

You’ve received your school report for the term and it wasn’t great – so it’s been under your pillow for a week. You could keep up the disappearing act but it’s likely your parents will find out about it. Busted! It might not be the best report you’ve ever had but talk to your parents about it and tell them you’re going to make more effort in class. If they find out you’ve been hiding it all this time they might not be able to trust you with other things, such as whether or not you’re really sleeping over at your friend’s on Friday night. Honesty is the best policy.

You think your friend’s birthday dress is a bit OTT

Zip it

Hmm . . . a sequined minidress with ostrich feathers for sleeves might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s your friend’s party and she can be as over the top as she wants to. Don’t be embarrassed to be seen with her; you should be proud that your friend has such awesome confidence levels that she can pull the look off. But if it were Lady Gaga’s meat dress . . . well, that’s a completely different issue.

You think your boyfriend’s best friend is a hottie

Zip it

You need to tread carefully with this one – you don’t want to give your guy an excuse to be jealous. If you get along with his friend and you’re feeling only friendship vibes then it’s best not to let this one slip.But if you’re attracted to his mate and you’re thinking about acting on it then you need to be honest with your boyfriend. You don’t want him to find out in the wrong way.

You made an excuse to get out of going to your friend’s party

Spill it

Lying to friends is never cool. Even if you’re 100 per cent sure there’s no way they’ll find out (you weren’t tagged in any photos on Facebook, were you?) you should still come clean. Did you not feel like going? Or were you hanging out with other friends? If you had a legitimate reason for missing the party then fair enough. But if it was a lame excuse (such as getting a better offer at the last minute) think about how you’d feel if the same was done to you. Not cool. No doubt they’ll be upset that you missed their party and you should let them vent before apologising.

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