To Spill or Not to Spill

By admin
27 October 2014

It’s called a secret for a reason. Check out when it’s okay to speak your mind

The green-eyed monster

Zip it

Jealousy is a curse! And when it comes to friends it can be toxic. So if you have a buddy who gets all the attention, just take a deep breath and stop wasting energy on something you can’t control. Think about what you have to offer and be the best you.

You hate the way he kisses

Spill it

So the kissing isn’t all Disney and butterflies. We bet your guy would prefer you talk to him about it than find out you’ve been discussing his skills with your friends. Start by telling him what he does that you really like and then gently let him know what you would prefer him to do. The best bit? Practise makes perfect!

You think your friend’s outfits are a bit OTT

Zip it

Sure, rocking up at the movies in a sequined minidress is a bit much, but variety is the spice of life. Be proud that your friend has such awesome confidence levels to pull it off!

You think your BF’s bestie is hot

Zip it

If you get along with his friend and you’re feeling only friendship vibes then it’s best not to let this one slip.But if you’re attracted to his mate and you’re thinking about acting on it then you need to be honest with your boyfriend. You don’t want him to find out in the wrong way.

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