'To the woman dating my husband'

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04 December 2015

A jilted wife has written a furious open letter to her husband's mistress.

The New York woman, who found out her husband was being unfaithful when she discovered his dating profiles, published the open letter to her husband's mistress on Craigslist. "You probably don't even know that we're not separated," the woman begins, "Up until I found his dating site profiles and flew back to rescue my marriage I did not even know there was a problem."

'You won’t be living in my nice house, we’ll be selling it'

She goes on to detail how the mistress, or mistresses ("I do not know how many of 'you' there are") left clothes at their home, which she threw away.

"You also left a bra. You're a size 36 B. I'm a 34C. The bra stank with BO [body odour]."

The scorned woman also explains that when she confronted her "horn-doggin" husband, he said he wanted  a divorce and started "playing 'victim' and telling me it's a BIG misunderstanding, and that I'm being 'controlling'."

She warns that the assets she shared with her husband will be hers in the divorce.

“So you won’t be living in my nice house, we’ll be selling it. And he may not have mentioned all my grad school debt… We’ll be splitting that as well. So guess what you have???”

She adds that her 56-year-old “contractor-type,” husband will have to downgrade to a “little apartment” after the divorce.

“He’s courting you as the next Mrs., knowing that our divorce will leave him very, very financially screwed,” she warned. “And you, my dear, are lookin’ to him like his life boat. Get out while you can.”

“He’ll use you up, he’s a selfish lover, he’s a spend-a-holic, and it’s likely he’ll revert to booze"

“His financial decisions will drive you into bankruptcy. (He’s done it twice.) His family will hate you (they’re weird, you’ll see), and he has a tendency to do incredibly stupid stuff.”

If his unfaithful antics are anything to go by, he certainly does.

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