Toddlers die from extreme heat in abandoned car

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20 January 2016

Two toddlers died of extreme heat exposure after they were trapped in an abandoned car in KwaZulu-Natal.

The boy (3) and girl (2), were playing with two other friends who are in a critical condition in hospital.

The four friends were found unconscious in an abandoned car in Clermont, west of Durban, said KZN EMS spokesperson Robert McKenzie.

"It is alleged that community members noticed the children in the car and rescued them from... the hot vehicle before rushing them to the local community health centre," said McKenzie.

Nursing staff summoned officials from KZN EMS to assist them in treating the children and transporting them to hospital.

"Two of them were declared deceased at the clinic," said McKenzie.

The two survivors were treated at the clinic before being transported to a nearby hospital.

They remain in a critical condition, McKenzie said.


Journalist Petro-Anne Vlok decided to willingly put herself in harms way by spending some time in a parked car with no ventilation -- while it was 36°C outside.

WARNING: Do not attempt this yourself. Petro-Anne's experiment was strictly monitored by medical personnel.

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