Top 10 underrated Taylor Swift songs

By admin
20 December 2013

Taylor Swift is a global megastar. Here’s a collection of some of her lesser-known songs that we think deserve a listen.

Taylor Swift is a global megastar. With the acclaimed mainstream success of hits like I Knew You Were Trouble and 22 enjoying immense exposure, the hidden jewels on her albums have been passed by. Here’s a collection of some underrated songs we think deserve a listen.

Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

This is a sweet old song of a romance that begins at the age of seven and goes on until the best friends are well into their eighties.

Tim McGraw

This track paved the road to success for Taylor. Inspired by hit country sensation Tim McGraw, this song talks of love that is inspired by Taylor’s favourite song by Tim McGraw.

The Story of Us

This is about that romance that had everyone jealous. It was meant to be about a happy ending, but instead it is about the tragedy of the story that was never fully realised and all the awkwardness that comes after a breakup when you have to run into the person all the time because you’re at the same school.


This is a sweet love story that has everyone jealous. But, since you’re the one caught up in bliss you don’t seem to mind all the bitterness because as Taylor Swift says, “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind; people throw rocks at things that shine.”

I almost do

This is a song about deep regret. She sings about almost doing so many different things to reclaim a long lost love, explaining why she never picked up the phone or went back.


This song’s message is to forgive yourself for the stumbles made along the way.

All too well

This song is rumoured to be about Jake Gyllenhaal. It is about two people that shared a deep and special love and now that it is over, there are still reminders for both parties.


This one is for her fans. Taylor talks of the love we think we experience at the age of 15 and how the choices we make influence our future and gives advice from the perspective of someone older that has experienced life as a 15-year-old believing every word that teenage boy tells you.


This song is about lost love yet understanding that sometimes, that other person quite simply changes their mind but that the situation is hard to accept. It’s about the difficulty of dealing with a break-up.

Last kiss

She’s a romantic. And with that, comes heartbreak sometimes. This song is about that last kiss you never imagine having because you’re so caught up in the bliss and romance.

-Faiza Mallick

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