Top 5 fitness apps

By Kirstin Buick
17 June 2013

With so many fitness-related apps out there to choose from, let our personal trainer help you figure out which are best.

Personal trainer Tshitso Lepheana shares his top 5 fitness apps with us.

 1. Name of app: PTontheMOVE

PTontheMOVE is a resource used mainly by trainers, and it allows you to quickly access training tools without the need for clipboards, pencils and paper. Available for Apple.

I love this app because it has a variety of exercise programmes to choose from and shows you how to do the exercise the correct way, for everyone from beginners to advanced training.

Cost: FREE

  1. Name of app: Daily Ab Workout

A daily ab routine for men and women that takes you through 10 of the best ab-sculpting exercises. Available for Android and Apple devices.

This app is amazing, especially for people who are always on the move, as it details different ab exercises you can do wherever you are.

Cost: FREE

  1. Name of app: MyPlate

This is a reference to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Enter your age, gender and physical activity level to see the Daily Food Plan recommended for you for a healthy, balanced diet. Available for Android and Apple devices.

This one is my favourite. It tracks your calorie intake a day as well as your kilojoules, and helps to give you discipline in terms of what you’re eating in order to maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle.

Cost: FREE

  1. Name of app: Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy suggests training regimes and tracks your progress, allowing you to sustain motivation and ensure you stay committed to your fitness goals. Available for Android and Apple devices.

I recommend this because it shows you exactly which body parts or muscles you’re working when you do a particular exercise.

Cost: R18,27

  1. Name of app: FitID

This all-round app tracks your meals, workouts and progress, shows you popular diets and training programmes, allows you to share your fitness on Facebook, Twitter and the FitID community, and essentially helps you find out how real people get fit. Available for Android and Apple devices.

This app tracks both your exercise routine and fitness level, and what I like about it is that it actually shows if you’re progressing or regressing in your fitness levels.

Cost: FREE

- Sarah Chaimowitz

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