Top Savings Tips for the Week

By admin
25 September 2013

Simple savings tips to help you on your way.

I asked a few colleagues sitting closest to me what they do to save. To my amazement some said that they don’t save at all and actually have a rather wasteful lifestyle, for example letting food rot and then having to throw it away.

Liezel Joubert (lifestyle editor): “I bring my own lunch and snacks to work.”

Vanessa Holies (office manager): “I plan a 21-day menu and buy my groceries according to this.”

Jeani Tutt (fashion assistant): “When we go away for weekends we always switch off the geyser. And my husband gave up smoking.”

Elmarie Meyer (layout artist): “I stopped eating takeaways and now save R200 a month.”

Lerato Seuoe (beauty editor): “I do my own manicures and pedicures.”

Natalie Cavernelis (senior copy editor): “I buy all my Christmas presents at sales during the year. It makes a huge difference.”

Astrid Lippert-Fisher (assistant lifestyle editor): “My husband and I buy groceries once a month so that we are not tempted by unnecessary items. We keep all our fruit and vegetables in the fridge to make them last longer.”

Melanie Smook (layout artist): “After our baby was born we just stopped buying anything for ourselves. I can’t remember when last I bought a new clothing item for myself.”

-Elna van der Merwe, lifestyle rewriter and book editor – Huisgenoot

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