Top tips for going vegan on a budget

15 January 2017

Embracing a vegan diet on a budget no longer means you’ll have to settle for bland food.

Jimmy Pierson, vegan lifestyle expert and organiser of the VeggieWorld London event, explains there are many great ways to try out plant-based fare as part of Veganuary without splurging your hard-earned cash.

“If you’re worried about the potential dent in your pocket from going vegan, think again. It’s a common myth that you’ll need to spend a great deal more on your weekly shop,” he told Cover Media.

Here are some top tips for going vegan on a budget:

Look for alternative proteins

Beans, chickpeas and lentils are all brilliant sources of protein, and so much cheaper than meat and fish – usually just a fraction of the cost.

“Also limit your vegan cheeses and mock meats, as these can still be quite expensive,” said Jimmy.

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Whizz up your own snacks

Get yourself a blender, which you can find online at reduced prices. Use this to make soups and smoothies, which make for great budget meals you can make in bulk and freeze for a later date.

Fill your freezer

Stock up your freezer with frozen vegetables such as peas, green beans, cauliflower and spinach. These are often far cheaper than fresh, and are still packed full of nutrients.

“Also, buy own-brand wherever you can. Most of the major supermarkets are now doing their own free-from ranges, which are just as good as branded versions,” he explained.

Seek out bargains

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If you have an international supermarket nearby, head there for cut-price cans of coconut milk, which is great for veggie curries, big bottles of soy and other sauces, and bargain bulk buys of spices and rice. Or visit a supermarket just before closing and head straight for the reduced isle.

“You’ll find half-price pots of hummus, salad and fruit items for a few pence and bread almost given away,” added Jimmy.

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