Top tips for starting your own YouTube channel

By Nicola Whitfield
09 December 2016

Here is Roché Klue's winning recipe for a successful YouTube channel.

Roché Klue, a Joburg entrepreneur, recently bagged the prize for having the most subscribers on a South African YouTube channel and for creating the biggest music channel in Sub-Saharan Africa.

His speciality? Meditational music videos that offer a bit of peace and quiet in this crazy world. To read more about it, get this week's YOU.

Meanwhile, here is Roché's winning recipe for a successful YouTube channel.

  • Create content you’re passionate about. Even if it’s a hobby, talent or just leisure. The possibilities on Youtube are endless. But whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.
  • It doesn’t matter if your focusing on current affairs or themed content - just make sure that you title it correctly. “When people search they use popular search words. The metadata (name, description and keywords) are key to your success.”
  • Keep an eye on what other YouTubers are creating and how they develop. “Always be up to date with the latest developments on YouTube and take every opportunity to improve your channel.”
  • Be consistent. Create content that can be watched over and over again. Also work according to a planned schedule so that your subscribers get used to your rhythm. This will also ensure that they come back for more.
  • It is important to form an emotional bond with your subscribers. Always ask for feedback, it makes your subscribers feel important.
  • Always be original and inspirational. Ask yourself if your passion is clearly shown in the video. This will give you loyal lifelong subscribers which will lead to huge success.

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