Tough laws ahead for drivers

By admin
29 June 2012

It’s enough to give seasoned drivers sleepless nights, especially those who try to evade fines or take to the road in bangers older than 10 years.

And younger drivers might even lose their newly acquired licences if they don’t behave properly on the roads.

The long arm of the law will be increasing its stranglehold on drivers who break the law if the proposed changes to the National Road Traffic Act get the green light.

And one of these changes is that vehicles older than 10 years will have to be tested for road­worthiness every second year.

The recently announced proposed changes have everyone talking – but if you want to complain you have only until 6 July to do so.

YOU’s Lara Atson takes a look at the proposed changes and how it could affect drivers. Read more in YOU 5 July 2012.

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