Tough news for Charlie Sheen's children

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16 March 2016

Actor Charlie Sheen has gone to court seeking a reduction in child support payments for the second time in two weeks.

Almost two weeks ago, the 50-year-old Wall Street star asked a judge to decrease the $55,000 (£34,375)-per-month instalments he is making to former spouse Brooke Mueller, the mother of his six-year-old twins, Bob and Max, and now TMZ is reporting he filed more legal papers this week.

This time he's asking the courts to consider a child support cutback to his other ex-wife Denise Richards, who is the mother of his two daughters, Sam, 12, and Lola, 10.

Sheen reportedly insists he is unable to meet the $55,000 monthly payments to Richards every month, claiming his "income has drastically declined" since the disbursements began in 2009 - three years after their divorce was finalised.

Sources tell the outlet the documents his attorneys issued in the Richards case are nearly identical to those submitted in the Mueller proceedings.

In the Mueller case, Sheen claimed that although he made $613,000 (£430,675)-a-month while working on hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, which he left in 2011, the star recently sold his rights to the comedy show for $26.7 million (£16.7 million). Sheen also asserts he currently makes an average of $87,384 (£54,615)-a-month, but he also has legal fees amounting to nearly $1 million (£625,000), as well as $600,000 ($375,000) in credit card debt. The leading man recently came clean about his HIV diagnosis and in legal papers he called attention to the $25,000 (£15,625) a month he spends on medical costs.

In light of all these expenses, Sheen declares he is not able to pay $55,000-per-month in child support to Richards anymore.

The Golden Globe-winning actor is also tackling a series of lawsuits, including one with his ex-fiancee Bret Rossi. The former porn star sued him in December,2015 accusing him of assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress after he allegedly failed to disclose he was HIV-positive before they had unprotected sex.

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