Trace Stars winner Oshri: 'When I entered I had no idea it would be this big'

By admin
03 February 2014

Oshri Elmorich, the first ever Trace Stars winner was announced on DSTV channel 325 on 31 January.

We're loving this explosion of talent on the music scene and simply had to catch up with Israeli-born, Cape Town-based singer Oshri Elmorich.

Oshri was announced the first ever winner of Trace Stars on 31 January. The 26-year-old, who found out on his birthday, tells YOU it's the best birthday present he could have asked for.

What was the first thing you thought when you heard you won? Before they announced the winner I was just mumbling to myself “please say my name, please say my name” and when they did I was shocked. I was not expecting to win.

How was it to know you had won but being unable to tell anyone? It was difficult. Everyone was expecting an answer so I made up a story about it. I said they just recorded all of us as winners. It was not easy but that helped. I told my mom though. She was driving at the time told and told me to wait so she could pull over.

And how did she feel about your win? She screamed she was very happy for me. She knows how long I have been working for this. She really wanted something to happen for me and even told me to go and study because music won’t make me any money but now it has happened and she is happy for me.

What was the competition experience like for you? It was fun, stressful and amazing. It all happened so fast. When I entered I had no idea it would be this big.

You’re originally from Israel. When did you move to South Africa and why? I came here for the first time four years ago. I met a South African girl and then Idecided to move here for her. After we broke up I decided I would still stay.

So you won’t be taking her with you to the US then? *laughs* No it won’t be her. I have no idea who I’m going to take yet. I still have to decide.

Who is your South African musical influence? I’m bad with names but I really like Busi when I first came here I got some of her music. I like to hear African music like Xhosa or Zulu style. I have always had the dream to sing with an African church choir. You always see these things on TV and they are so talented.

And your international influence? I love anything from Celine Dion to Maroon 5.

How would you describe your sound? I’d say it’s ethnic pop. Pop is so broad because you can be Maroon 5 and be pop or Britney Spears and still be pop.  So I want to bring my Middle Eastern vibes to pop music to create something interesting.

How are you feeling about being mentored by Wyclef Jean? Wow he called me to say congratulations and you should have seen my face. I was like a little girl I was so excited. Even saying his name with mine is amazing it’s unbelievable. He complimented me and I thought “are you serious”? He’s a really cool guy, so humble and makes me comfortable.

Do you plan on composing all of your own music? Yes I will be writing and composing my own songs but some are good and some are bad. I think I’ll send some to Wyclef and then he will tell me how to work on them.

Will you be moving to Joburg? Well I’m not really sure but I think I’ll be between New York, Cape Town and Johanneburg. Wow! Saying that seems so unreal.

So…are you single? *laughs* Yes I am but I am hoping not to be in the next six months. It’s not nice to be alone for too long so I’m hoping to meet someone soon.

Any words for the fans? I didn’t get a chance to say thank you on the show so I would just like to thank everyone who voted. I want to represent South Africa and all people from small villages and I want to encourage everyone.  If I can make it so can you.

Oshri walks away with: R100 000 cash, a return VIP trip to the United States for the winner and his or her partner to be mentored by a famous US music star,  a five-night stay in a hotel including daily food allowance and transport and a record deal with Universal Music. Lucky guy!

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