Transgender man's shock at discovering he was pregnant – TEN years after transition

By admin
13 November 2015

Kayden Coleman was stunned when he discovered he was expecting a baby - even though he had been living as a man for a decade.

He just thought he had a badly bloated tummy.

But Kayden Coleman was stunned when he discovered he was actually expecting a baby -- even though he had been living as a man for a decade.

He told his friends and family he was transgender when he was in his teens, and had been getting testosterone injections for five years. He was even growing facial hair.

In fact, he was due to have a mastectomy – or “top surgery” as he calls it - which required him to stop taking hormones for six weeks. It was during this time he fell pregnant.

'I couldn’t imagine life without her'

He first noticed something strange when his back started aching. His husband Elijah, a security guard, offered to give him a massage.

"So I lay on my front on the bed," Kayden explains. "It felt like there was a pillow under my stomach but there was no pillow.”

He thought he was just bloated. “I actually said, ‘I think I should go get a pregnancy test’. We were joking about it.”

Uneasy, he took a test just to be sure -- and it was positive. A trip to the doctor revealed he was 21 weeks pregnant.

“I never thought about getting pregnant. Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility. It was ­definitely a surprise.”

Kayden's pregnancy went smoothly, but the birth was difficult. He was induced at nine months as he had high blood pressure, and was in labour for four days. Eventually he was given a C-section.

But now he's dad to 22-months-old Azaelia, and he couldn't be happier.

"Even when I first held her it hadn’t sunk in that she was mine, so I didn’t really feel much. But I knew things would never be the same again. I was so happy to finally see her face."

"Now it feels great. I couldn’t imagine, and don’t want to imagine, life without her. She is amazing."


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