Travel further on a tank of petrol this holiday

By admin
28 November 2013

Holidays and debt don’t have to go hand in hand this festive season. Save petrol and spoil yourself and your family with the extra cash.

With so much of our earnings being gobbled up by the cost of fuel these days, here are tips to help you squeeze more kilometres from a tank of fuel.

  1. Make sure your tyre pressure is correct, otherwise the engine has to work harder, leading to higher fuel consumption. Incorrect tyre pressure can also be dangerous.
  2. Keep your car well-maintained, or it won’t perform optimally. Blocked filters and oil problems, for example, can prevent the engine functioning at its best.
  3. Remove fittings such as roof or bicycle racks when not in use. They affect the airflow around the car which can push up your fuel consumption.
  4. Use air conditioning sparingly – this also makes the engine work harder.
  5. Remove any unnecessary weight in the cabin and boot.
  6. Try not to have the car idling unnecessarily and keep stop-start driving to a minimum.
  7. Don’t accelerate fast. This, and high revolutions, can increase your fuel consumption. Accelerate gradually to reach the desired speed. According to oil and gas company BP, gear changes at 2 500 rpm are recommended for petrol cars and 2 000 rpm for diesel vehicles.
  8. Don’t drive short distances. When the engine is cold, it uses more fuel. Combine several outings and take one trip.

-Letitia Watson: Your Money columnist, YOU

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