Treadmill tricks to burn more calories

25 July 2017

If you’re a big fan of the treadmill, you’re going to want to use it right.

Rather than sticking to your usual routine why not mix it up a little to burn more calories? Read on for our top treadmill tips that will leave you feeling great and looking trim!

  • Drink coffee beforehand

POPSUGAR recommends having a caffeine boost before hitting the treadmill, with a cup of coffee or a Diet Coke aiding your muscle’s strength and increasing the number of calories you shed while working out. It’s the fat-burning qualities found in caffeine that can help shed the pounds over time, with previous research finding that just one caffeine drink can boost a number of calories burnt by four per cent over the next couple of hours. Add that number to a treadmill work out and you’ll be amazed!

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  • Add some incline

Increasing your incline is a great and simple way to help burn calories on the treadmill, but don’t go overboard. While it may be tempting to go up a notch or two while in the middle of a sprint be sensible, and add steepness as you walk briskly, pretending you’re out and about in real life.

There’s also the plus side this has on adding to your body’s strength, with Janet Hamilton, an exercise physiologist at Atlanta coaching company Running Strong, previously telling Women’s Health: “This is an opportunity to build strength in your hips and legs, working them a little harder.”

  • Try intervals

Instead of building up to a steady run, try high-intensity intervals; for example, walk for a minute then run for two. This not only sheds calories but builds endurance and helps boost your running skills, and interval training has also been linked to slimming that belly down. Bonus points!

Once you feel comfortable and the set interval changes don’t feel challenging enough, increase the times and push yourself to run a little further. The moment you don’t feel out of breathe is the time to go further!

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  • Keep exercises varies

Don’t rely on just a treadmill though, no matter how easy and convenient it may be. Ensure you have a varied workout plan and you could even incorporate weights into your treadmill run if you want to add a little extra oomph to things. Don’t let your body get too settled as there are so many other ways to burn calories, from swimming to jumping rope to rowing.

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