Troian Bellisario wonders why teen shows get snubbed

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20 July 2014

Troian Bellisario has written a thought-provoking piece for The Hollywood Reporter about the merits of shows made for young people, and how they’re so often overlooked.

Troian Bellisario (28) has written a thought-provoking piece for The Hollywood Reporter about the merits of shows made for young people, and how they’re so often overlooked.

“Everyone says this is the golden age of television. There are so many wonderful shows, with new ideas and characters that push the envelope. There is an abundance of quality artists using their talents in this medium rather than just in film. And there are so many different ways to tell a story, a variety of styles and genres all being celebrated and explored,” Troian wrote. “So why is it that with all the different types of shows being recognised this Emmy season the ones like mine, ‘teen shows’, are written off as fluff? Guilty pleasures that are too youthful to exhibit accolade-worthy material. What if they are telling good stories too, just in a different way?”

Troiancontinued, “I’m not comparing our show to any other show; I’m not comparing myself to any other actor (especially not Bryan Cranston – please God, no!), but as someone on a teen soap I can tell you that I work with a cast and crew that search for those same human truths, and who strive to convey those truths with compelling depth and excellence. We are just beholden to a different style of storytelling. And that is also worthy of serious consideration.”

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