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01 August 2014

Everyone knows eating healthily and regular exercise is the key to keeping slim, but it can be easy to give into temptation every now and then.

What if a few little words could help us shed those pounds rather than counting calories and cutting out your favourite foods?

Diet expert and hypnotherapist John Richardson has come up with a new eating plan which involves speaking to yourself as you tuck into your meal, dubbed the 'self-chatter diet'.

"Self-chatter is your inner-voice and often, this self-talk happens so automatically you are barely aware of it," he explained to MailOnline.

"However, what you say to yourself can have a profound effect on the way that you feel and what you can achieve."

'What you say to yourself can have a profound effect on the way that you feel and what you can achieve'

John believes putting on weight is down to a person's mannerisms and traits rather than eating unhealthy goods. This is why self-chatter could be seen as a crucial method in cutting down and losing weight, as it will change your perception of consuming particular grub.

"There are lots of reasons why people struggle to lose weight but the main reason is that most weight loss systems are based on restrictive diets," John noted.

"Until obesity is accurately diagnosed and is re-labelled as a behavioural condition - and is therefore treated as such - no solution will ever be found.

"It's not food that makes us overweight but the way in which food is eaten. Beliefs, behaviours and associations are the fundamental reasons for the obesity epidemic."

Being aware of your negative habits is also an important part of this diet. Once you recognise something is damaging and will make you pile on excess fat, you should work quickly to change this practice before it's too late. Terry believes a person's mind set is far more powerful than a strict eating plan.

"Treating being overweight with restrictive diets is no different to treating a broken leg with a painkiller," he added.

"For someone to achieve their ideal weight, the only way is to identify, question, challenge and change the detrimental behaviours responsible."

He also advises to eat smaller portions and opt for nutritious food, guaranteeing results will be seen over time but not overnight.

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