Tunisia massacre: South African allegedly among the dead

By admin
19 March 2015

A South African appears to be among the 19 people who were mowed down in yesterday’s terror attack in the North African country of Tunisia.

A group of men with AK-47s stormed the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis, killing an estimated 19 people, most of whom were tourists.

Security forces killed two of the assailants, while three others fled the scene.

The Tunisian home affairs department has said a South African was among the dead, according to reports, but this is yet to be confirmed by South African authorities. The men, dressed in military uniforms, stormed the museum yesterday afternoon and started firing on the visitors. Tourists who tried to flee were held hostage. The motive for the attack is still being investigated. World leaders have condemned the attack.

Sources: Sapa, Twitter, EWN, TimesLive, CNN

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