TV ads only South Africans will get

By Sandy Cook
01 October 2016

Weird, wonderful, wacky and wild. These ads could only have been made in SA. Enjoy!

No place like home

Bemused tourists puzzling over car guards, chop & dop, bakkuzzis and “load-oh-shedding-uh”. Ain’t South Africa grand!

Best dad ever!

Tissues at the ready, peeps! Our hearts turned to mush watching this elderly father learning to read so he could enjoy his writer son’s book . The alphabet-soup moment, the gold star, that hug! Give that man a double!

Don’t give up the day job

The delivery room doctor who’s a laugh a minute. Not.

Again, again!

Lullaby for the mobile age. The MTN ad that made us go aaah!

That’s my boy!

He wants it all and he wants it now -- but this savvy superhero waits patiently for the right moment. And it’s soooo worth it.

A boys’ own story

Four gorgeous beer-guzzling guys, one much-missed friend, an epic road trip and it all comes together with a happy reunion.

A can of the best

Boet and Swart’s unforgettable bush encounter with a stranded French rally driver. Wee wee, oui oui!

And finally . . .

Who can forget Cremora’s gravel-voiced slayer of the head-swivel.

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