TV Blog: Adorable Emily

By admin
27 May 2013

Our TV fanatic has found a new TV character she wants as a best friend.

Am I the only one ...

Who wants Emily of Emily Owens, MD as a best friend? She’s so sweet and funny plus she’s a good doctor and she’s played by Mamie Gummer, daughter of veteran actress Meryl Streep. So, in fact, by extension, I could have Emily and Meryl as my besties if I play fast and loose with what’s real and what’s TV stuff.

I hope you are watching it – and don’t say it’s too similar to Grey’s Anatomy, because it is and it isn’t. Yes, there’s medical stuff, yes, there’s love dramas, and yes Emily has internal dialogue a la Meredith. But it’s like kicking off your shoes and putting on your slippers at the end of a work day. It’s comfortable, it’s relaxing, it’s happy-making. Grey’s often leaves me traumatised with all their dramatic goings-on and whereas Meredith is “dark and twisty”, Emily is all rays of sunshine and quirky sweetness.

I love that she’s a self-confessed dork and I love that as smart as she is she has no clue about love. And it seems Mamie (who also guest stars from time to time in The Good Wife as lawyer Nancy Crozier) is channeling a lot of herself into Emily. “I’ve kind of blocked it out, but I have a good friend . . . who affectionately reminded me that I was, yes, a dork. I was not a cool kid in high school,” she told Huffington Post.

And as her bestie I feel the need to help her sort out her love-life. Yes, Will (played by Smallville’s Justin Hartley), her fellow first-year surgical resident is cute and yes she has been crushing on him for ages but he isn’t good enough for her. In any case, he’s dating horrid Cassandra (Aja Naomi King), Emily’s high school nemesis who is also a first-year resident. I want to jump into the TV screen, buy Emily an ice cream and point out that hot, sweet Micah (Michael Rady) clearly has a crush on her. While I’m there I will shout “bitch” at Cassandra before leaping back into my lounge.

But each week I watch with growing sadness knowing this lovely series has been cancelled and there are few of the 13 episodes remaining. I hate committing to a series that will end up dropping me but Emily is my bestie and she needs me.

* Emily Owens, MD is on M-Net Series on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm

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