TV couple's sweet little Rainn

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07 May 2010

It’s a Monday morning, three weeks after TV personalities Riaan and Michelle Garforth-Venter brought home their firstborn. A homely picture greets us at their pad in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Washing spins in the machine and Michelle (39), a well-known eco-journalist and TV presenter, stands in the kitchen in a grey tracksuit without a scrap of make-up on her face.

Riaan (44) comes down the stairs in sheepskin slippers. He has a little bundle swaddled in blankets in his arms. Michelle rushes over. “This is Rainn Ashton Garforth-Venter,” she announces proudly as she introduces us to the sturdy 4,6-kg baby boy.

“Our lives have changed completely,” she says, settling down next to Riaan on the couch, her son snugly in her arms. “In the past you’d never have found me at home like this. I used be on the go and worked and went to the gym right to the end of my pregnancy.

“Riaan is fantastic. I don’t know how women who aren’t in a permanent relationship manage everything on their own,” she says.

With the birth of their baby she has once again realised there is nothing Riaan can’t do.

“I’ve learnt so much from Riaan. How to change a nappy, get rid of wind . . . just about everything. I suppose it’s second nature when you’ve had kids before.”

Riaan’s two daughters from his first marriage, San-Marie (18) and Margot (15), are besotted with the baby, he says proudly. “He’s so lucky he’s been born surrounded by so many people who just want to shower him with love,” Michelle adds.

Riaan says it was a wonderful experience supporting Michelle through her pregnancy. There were times she was moody though, he adds, shaking his head, but that’s normal for a woman.

Michelle lifts Rainn’s left arm and shows us the pink birthmark on top of his hand.

“Look, the angels kissed him in my womb. He’s a very privileged little boy.”

As with all parents the arrival of a baby takes some adjustment but Rainn fits in with their lives, Riaan says. “He slept in our room only for the first two weeks and from week three he slept happily in his own room. He has to get used to his room and feel he has a place in the house.”

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