TV rugby’s top bokkie

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10 June 2011

Rugby commentators are usually muscles-in-a-suit former Boks with a handshake that can crush your fingers – but not this one.

SuperSport’s new rugby presenter is a long-legged beauty in skinny jeans and a Bok T-shirt. Elma Smit (25) beat more than a thousand hopefuls in a reality TV-style show to become SuperSport’s Lady Rugga.

To those who listen to 5FM or watch Studio 1 on M-Net she’s no stranger – she’s a broadcasting professional who’s at ease in front of cameras. But live broadcasting gives her a kick – and now she’ll be doing it from the sportsfield.

‘‘I grew up in a rugby-crazy family and I went to a rugby-crazy school,’’ Elma says.

She knows the rules of the game and loves finding out as much as she can about players.

‘‘We had to do a very difficult written test about all aspects of rugby before we qualified for the finals of Lady Rugga; it’s not like they just pulled our names from a hat.’’

She grew up in Paarl, Western Cape, but now lives in Linden, Joburg, with sports journalist husbandRichard Maspero. They tied the knot in Stellenbosch in March and honeymooned in Thailand.

Elma is aware there are guys who think she’s not qualified for the job.

‘‘I’ve come across a few men who’ve made this comment, especially on Facebook. I know many of them are simply jealous. I’ve landed what most men consider to be the world’s best job. It’s a male-dominated field – in SA there are barely any women who do professional sports reporting.’’

So it’s great that SuperSport is changing the attitude, she says.

‘‘There’s a massive contingent of women who religiously watch rugby and I think it’s good that the channel will start catering for them by introducing a female rugby correspondent.’’

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