TV star involved in domestic abuse drama

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01 August 2016

News have surfaced that actor and presenter Tumisho Masha’s wife of six years Zozibini Mntongama has filed an interim protection order against him.

Tumisho Masha’s wife of six years has filed an interim protection order against him. Sunday World has reported that the former Top Billing presenter hit Zozibini Mtongana after she allegedly spread rumours about his supposed drug use, suggesting he is an alcoholic and "an irresponsible father".

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According to the paper, Tumisho “kicked his wife in the stomach, proceeded to slap her in the face, pulled her by her hair, hit her with an elbow and called her a b***h in a series of domestic violence episodes at their Dainfern, Joburg, home,” smashing her phone when she tried to call for help.

Not much has been said by both parties but Tumisho’s PR released a statement claiming that Zozibini took out the protection order against the actor after a family dispute.

“Mr Masha is committed to resolving the issues at hand in the best possible way, for the sake of their daughter. He remains a committed father to their lovely daughter and regardless of how matters will unfold, his daughter will remain his top priority."

It's hard to believe that just four years ago, the couple allowed YOU an exclusive glimpse into their married life, two years after tying the knot in 2010.

The couple at Kievits Kroon estate in Pretoria in 2012. PHOTO: Dino Codevilla The couple at Kievits Kroon estate in Pretoria in 2012. PHOTO: Dino Codevilla

The couple met in 2008, a year after Tumisho’s much-publicised split from his wife of six years, Angel.

Zozi, an account manager at a computer company, hired him to do a radio ad campaign and he was completely bowled over from the moment he clapped eyes on her.

“He stalked me,” she joked to YOU.

“I didn’t,” he retorted, laughing. “I just offered to do a free voice-over for her provided she came to the recording.”

The smitten pair soon started dating but Tumisho, still reeling from his public divorce, refused to speak about his budding

romance even though they were frequently spotted together at A-list parties.

But the former Top Billing presenter did announce in late 2009 that he’d popped the question and in March 2010 they held an

intimate celebration after he’d paid lobola.

“We said our vows in church and exchanged rings in front of family,” Zozi says. “I wore a white dress and Tumisho, a suit. But it was just a signing ceremony and we agreed we’d have a bigger ceremony later.”

The duo were so adamant they would last that they had their wedding date tattooed in Roman numerals on their wrists.


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