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09 December 2013

New seasons of The Fixer, The Vampire Diaries and American Idol, plus quite a few new shows including Survivor SA, Devious Maids and a creepy FBI thriller with James Spader. Our TV blogger picks her favourites.

Oh thank goodness we don’t have to wait too long to get into season three of The Fixer! It’s back in January, along with a host of lovely new series on DStv. We also have the Golden Globes on 13 January to kick off the year’s awards season. I’ve picked my favourites of the returning shows and the newbies. Take a look. My top two returning faves

The Fixer

Okay, so I’m still dealing with the fact that super scary Joe who threw assassins Huck and then Jake in the make-you-crazy hole is Olivia’s daddy! Plus now the whole world knows Olivia was having an affair with US president Fitz. So let’s get on with season three. I want to know more about Huck’s back story and who leaked the affair to the media. Mellie, was it you? And now that we’ve met Olivia’s father we find out more about her life before becoming the fixer.

First there’s a recap, then into the season.

When: Monday 20 January at 8.30 pm on M-Net

Watch the trailer of season three:


Oh Raylan Givens, how I’ve missed you and your cool hat! We’re finally getting season four (by the way season five starts in America early in January so please, DStv, don’t make us wait for so long for that season too)! This time the hot US marshal gets involved when an old diplomatic bag is found in a wall in the home of Arlo, Raylan’s slacker dad. This leads to a 30-year-old mystery involving a missing fortune, and everyone is getting involved so the awesomely criminal Boyd is there too. But Boyd can’t give it his full attention just yet; he has problems with a preacher man on his turf who likes to play with snakes, and is luring the addicts away from Boyd and his supply of drugs. Cannot. Wait.

When: Wednesday 1 January at 10 pm on M-Net Series Showcase Watch the trailer of season four: My pick of the new series

The Michael J Fox Show

It’s sort of based on Michael J Fox’s life as he battles Parkinson’s disease. He plays Mike Henry, a much-loved news anchor and dad who goes back to work five years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. As I said before, I giggled a fair bit while watching the trailer; check out the moving chair incident while he was a reporter and his wife’s “no time for personal victories” comment at the end of the trailer as he painstakingly tries to dish up supper for his hungry family. It’s had mixed reviews in America but I like the guy and it’s going on my watch list.

When: Wednesday 1 January at 6 pm on M-Net

Watch the trailer:

Super Fun Night

DStv has moved this one back a few times so let’s see if it gets moved again. Australian comedian Rebel Wilson (remember how cool she was in the movie Pitch Perfect?) plays a lawyer who gets promoted though her personal life is nonexistent in this comedy. The title refers to Friday nights which she spends with her geeky pals who also don’t quite fit in. The trailer didn’t seem that funny to me; it seems weird to make Rebel lose her Australian accent to play an American lawyer and the story sounds weak. I don’t see myself liking this one. I know, I know it’s on my list of picks of the new stuff but hey, it has Rebel Wilson in it so it gets a mention and I want it to be good.

When: Monday 6 January at 6 pm on M-Net

Watch the trailer:

Survivor SA: Champions

It’s the reality series that got us hooked on reality series and still always worth checking out. Plus it’s been a while since we had a local version. This is the one that M-Net announced earlier this year when they were calling for entries. The format is a little different with sports dudes soccer star Mark Fish and rugby hero Corné Krige each heading up a team of noncelebrity people.

When: Sunday 19 January at 5.30 pm on M-Net

The Blacklist

A rather creepy James Spader (from Boston Legal) plays Red, a wanted mastermind criminal who turns himself in to the FBI saying he’ll help them find terrible criminals they don’t even know are out there doing terrible things. But he’ll only work with junior agent and criminal profiler Elizabeth. You’re getting a Silence of the Lambs vibe too? Wonder what Red’s end game is though . . . Don’t miss this one; it’s getting good reviews and is one of the successes of the new TV season in America. It’s one of my favourites on this list.

When: Tuesday 21 January at 8.30 pm on M-Net

Watch the trailer:

The Originals

This is the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries and follows brothers Klaus and Elijah from Mystic Falls to New Orleans where they originally lived. Marcel, Klaus’ protégé, is now in charge and Klaus wants his town back. There are also werewolves and witches and other pretty people in the picture.

When: Wednesday 1 January at 8 pm on M-Net Series Showcase

Watch the trailer:


The Brits do murder-mystery-whodunit dramas so well. This isn’t about clever forensics; it’s about a good story and strong characters. A young boy, Danny Latimer, is murdered in the small seaside town of Broadchurch where everyone knows everyone and everyone is a suspect. Heading the investigation is Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (played by David Tennant of Doctor Who fame), who’s new in town and looks world-weary and battered and has clearly just been through something hectic. He’s assisted by Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) who knew the dead boy and his family. It’s only eight episodes long so don’t miss out. There are red herrings, secrets revealed and classic whodunit moments. The series had critics raving and it did well so there’ll be a second season. You don’t want to miss this one!

When: Sunday 5 January at 9 pm on M-Net Series Showcase

Watch the trailer:

Devious Maids

From the guy who made Desperate Housewives and co-produced by actress Eva Longoria, we get Devious Maids. Flora is murdered during a party at the home of her employers, Evelyn and Adrian. Turns out she was having an affair with Adrian; Evelyn knew and is more concerned about who’s going to clean her house than who killed her housekeeper. The other Latina maids in the area who were friends with Flora are shocked but have their own problems and issues to deal with. But new maid Marisol is determined to find out what really happened to Flora. There are quite a few familiar faces in the series and it looks fun. It’s been renewed for a second season which starts in America in April.

When: Thursday 23 January at 8 pm on M-Net Series Showcase.

Watch the trailer:

Other returning series

  • Castle season six on Thursday 2 January at 9 pm on M-Net Series Showcase.
  • The Vampire Diaries season five on Tuesday 7 January at 8 pm on M-Net Series Showcase.
  • Banshee season two on Wednesday 15 January at 9.30 pm on M-Net.
  • Girls season three on Friday 24 January at 10 pm on M-Net Series Showcase.
  • American Idol season 13 on Saturday 25 January at 5 pm on M-Net.
  • The Following season two on Tuesday 28 January at 9.30 pm on M-Net.

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