Twilight delight

By admin
28 October 2011

A nervous bride, the vampire she’s about to marry and an unborn baby growing so fast it could kill its mother . . . Yes, after months of breathless anticipation the latest film in The Twilight Saga is almost here – and we can’t wait. 

The bad news is the final instalment will be released in two parts; the good news is there’s more drama than there are hairs on a werewolf’s back.

The fourth film in the series, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, will be released internationally on 18 November and sees Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and her vampire sweetheart, Edward (Robert Pattinson), tying the knot in a romantic ceremony after their love has survived bloodsucking enemies, vicious werewolves and that tragic break-up in the forest.

Read more in Edna Isaac’s article in YOU 3 November 2011.

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