Twin twisters wreak havoc

By admin
07 October 2011

They heard “something like a train” and on looking out the window saw a terrifying black column of cloud with flickering lights approaching.

To some residents of Duduza near Nigel, Gauteng, it looked as if a giant snake was heading straight for them.

It was a Sunday, just a few hours after a tornado had hit Ficksburg in the Free State, flattening houses and killing a child.

It rained stones and corrugated iron sheets flew through the air. The walls of weaker houses collapsed and children suffered broken bones. In Duduza’s Cool Breeze section the destructive winds took another young life.

When it was over the streets were strewn with everything including the remains of roofs, furniture, kitchenware, prams and even TVs.

Read more in YOU 13 October 2011 where Richard van Rensburg discusses previous occurrences of tornados in South Africa and looks at the chain of events in Duduza.

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