'Twitter detectives' solve the mystery of AKA and Bonang's bae-cation

By admin
15 January 2016

Twitter detectives have been on the case.

In case you weren't entirely convinced that AKA and Bonang were on bae-cation together.

A tweet by actor Maps Maponyane sugggests that twitter detectives (the Twitter version of armchair detectives) have found more proof that AKA and Bonang were definitely together in Mozambique.
In the tweet, four pictures taken from AKA and Bonang's Instagrams are mashed together, with similar features highlighted.

Thursday!!! ....

"What a wow! Y'all have too much time going through all this effort," Maps tweeted, under the hashtag #TwitterDetectives.

Case closed? Read more on the getaway that's got tongues wagging here.

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