Twitter is freaking out about Kobus Wiese's Trump tweet

By Mieke Vlok
26 January 2017

The rugby star says his tweet was totally misunderstood.

Former Springbok and TV presenter Kobus Wiese got Twitter users hot under the collar after sharing a photo that criticised some of President Donald Trump’s female opponents.

“These woman say Trump degrades women; how ironic,” Kobus wrote beside a photo of singers Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Lady Gaga dancing sensually in sexy outfits.


Many woman participated in demonstrations during Trump’s inauguration to show their opposition to his alleged sexism and intention to harm women’s rights. Read more: 21 tweets Donald Trump should really delete now that he’s president of the United States Many people on Twitter felt that Kobus’ comment was inappropriate and that he didn’t have the right to criticise the women.

“Not only these women marched against Trump. Millions did yet you single out these women as though they are the cause,” a man wrote. Read more: People are furious with Helen Zille for a tweet she posted late last night “Who made you the arbiter of how women should behave?” someone else wrote. Yet another Twitter user said Kobus should “stick to rugby” because his social commentary is dodgy.
Kobus explained on Twitter that he had merely pointed out the double standards and that people had completely misunderstood him. Former cricketer Pat Symcox was among those who defended Kobus. “From when did you have the right to deprive us of the right to comment?” he asked a Twitter user who’d slammed Kobus.

“I simply made a comparison,” Kobus says. “I didn’t say I was a Trump supporter. The only point I wanted to make was that women, who in my eyes harm the image of women, don’t have the right to accuse Trump of doing so.”

Kobus says it’s upsetting when people on social media hide behind pseudonyms and interpret other people’s writing any way they choose and to suit themselves.

“I agree that Trump’s remarks about women are unacceptable. Anyone with logic and a brain will agree that what he said was wrong.

“But if you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones. That’s why I said it was ironic that those celebs were criticising him.”

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