Twitterview: Janez and his secret tattoo

By admin
27 June 2011

We had great fun doing another live interview on Twitter. This time we got to chat to Top Billing presenter and model, Janez Vermeiren.

Here's how the interview went:

Hey @Janez_Vermeiren, thanks for a LIVE #twitterview with us. You ready?

All good to go!

@Janez_Vermeiren Where are you tweeting us from? #twitterview

From my office Full Circle model and celeb management in cape town :)

@Janez_Vermeiren How do you feel about your YOU Spectacular nomination for sexiest man?  #twitterview

Very humbled, didn't think that after 30 with the grey hairs rolling in I would still be in the running

@Janez_Vermeiren Who do you think is the sexiest man? #twitterview

Couldn’t you rather ask who is the sexiest woman :). 2lvis Blue from idols is such a genuine guy, so I guess him :)

@Janez_Vermeiren Okay. Who is the sexiest woman? #twitterview

My girlfriend!! And then a close 2nd my co star Jeannie D. Oh and how can I forget! A serbian tennis player by the name of Ana Ivanovic :)

@Janez_Vermeiren  Do you have any role models? #twitterview

My parents are total role models! As a child growing up I loved Andre Agassi! As a south afriCAN, Nelson Mandela

@Janez_Vermeiren  Do you have any tattoos? #twitterview

I'm slightly addicted to tattoos :(! Got my sons name"Matisse" on my upper thigh, nobody ever gets to see it!

@Janez_Vermeiren What would you never tweet about? #twitterview

Nothing really! I'm pretty outspoken! But I wouldn't break up over social media, or disclose secrets or break down anyone....

@Janez_Vermeiren  What are you doing for the rest of the day? #twitterview

I'm gonna go for lunch then go home feed the dogs and pack my bags before I catch my 7pm flight to Joburg for work ;)

That’s it then @Janez_Vermeiren . Thanks for the #twitterview. See you at the YOU Spectacular Awards.

Thanks for the chat guys, let's do it again soon. Have good all. Peace.

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