Two enormous pythons found curled up in toilet in Australia

By Kirstin Buick
17 September 2015

In the past two weeks snake catcher Elliot Budd has been called in to remove not one but TWO snakes from inhabitants’ toilets in Townsville in the northeast of the state of Queensland.

Both were almost 3m long.

'You need not be afraid of them'

“The first came from a house that was being renovated," he told CNN. "A worker found it. I was surprised that it was in the toilet.”

Elliot had to move the whole toilet away from the wall to get it out, because it was coiled up in the pipe.

Just days later a women called to say she had found a snake in their toilet, he was convinced it was a sick joke.

“Initially I thought someone was messing me around. I never thought I would come across two snakes in toilets.”

The snake catcher thinks the pythons slithered into the houses through open doors or windows and not through the toilet pipes. He suspects they were driven in by thirst.

“They’re not poisonous and not regarded as dangerous,” he says. “You need not be afraid of them but it’s better to leave them alone if you come across them.”

Sources: CNN; ABC News

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