Two-faced cat born in the US

By Kirstin Buick
13 June 2013

Family sees double as rare little kitten makes her appearance in Oregon.

Stephanie Durkee thought her kids had made a mistake when they told her their cat had given birth to a kitten with two faces.

“I told them you’re just tired; you’re crazy,” Stephanie says. “That doesn’t happen.”

But they were right – little “Deucy” has four eyes, two noses and two mouths on her tiny body.

Stephanie, who lives in Oregon in the US, took Deucy to her local vet, who declared the kitten perfectly healthy.

Rare two-faced cats (often called Janus cats) don’t tend to live very long, but Stephanie and her family are optimistic their special pet will be around for a while.

The record for the longest-surviving Janus cat is held by two-headed Frankelouie, who lived for 12 years.

-Kirstin Buick


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