Two life sentences for the man who raped and killed 4-year-old niece

By admin
13 November 2015

The man who murdered and raped his 4-year-old niece Jasmin Pretorius received two life sentences in court on Friday.

Judge Mahomed Ismail said Sarel du Toit's actions were evil and the rape was an act of brutality. He subjected a trusted innocent child to severe pain, Ismail said in the High Court in Pretoria. His actions shocked the judge to the core. On Tuesday, his defence advocate Francois du Plessis argued for a sentence of between 30 and 35 years.

He said Du Toit had admitted guilt and the letters he wrote to his mother and brother shortly after the incident, asking for their forgiveness, showed that he had true remorse.

Jasmin Pretorius and her older sister were visiting their father Morné Pretorius for the weekend when she was killed in December 2013. The community searched for her for a whole day before her body was found under Du Toit's bed.

Du Toit and his brother lived with their mother, who was in the flat with Jasmin's sister that night. Jasmin's father was not at home as he was with his girlfriend.

Dr Forunato Beccia, the district surgeon who performed an autopsy on Jasmin, testified on Tuesday that the girl was in extreme pain and struggled before she died.

She testified that Jasmin had bruises on her face and inside her mouth and there was also blood in her nose, all of which were consistent with very hard blows.

The numerous scratch marks and bruises on her neck were caused by the fingers of her attacker's right hand.


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