Two sons, mom’s list & memories

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07 October 2010

Once the cancer had spread through her bodyKate Greene knew the end was near and she wouldn’t be able to do the things she’d always dreamt of doing with her husband and two sons – so she compiled a wish list for them.

At 4 am one day the 37-year-old mother of Clevedon in Somerset, England, began composing a wish list of more than 100 tasks she wanted her sons, Reef (6) and Finn (4), and her husband to do after her death. Her “mom’s manual”, as she called the list, made headlines after her death and continues to deeply move people who read it.

The poignant inventory illustrates her dreams for her brood and includes things she’d never have approved of such as her boys riding motorbikes and joining the army. The mother who knew she wouldn’t live to see her boys grow up also told them to respect women and not stay angry with each other for long.

“By carrying out all the wishes on the list we still have an emotional tie. I’ve already done as much on the list as possible and we plan to do the lot. Every time we do one we think of her,” St John says.

She filled more than three A4 sheets with things her sons should remember her by, such as that she loved catching crabs.

When she died in January after fighting breast cancer for two years there were more than 100 tasks on the list. The dying mom didn’t only dream of distant destinations. There are also simple tasks on her list.

For instance she told St John to kiss the boys twice before they go to bed and teach them to be on time. They should also grow sunflowers and occasionally look for four-leaf clovers.

In the weeks before her death they fulfilled many of Kate’s last wishes. The family visited Father Christmas in Lapland and Disney World in Florida and went to a pantomime.

There is one wish on his wife’s list he hasn’t been able to fulfil: to find love again. Kate wanted him to marry again as soon as possible for the boys’ sake because a female influence in the home would give them stability again, she reasoned.

“I don’t believe you get more than one soulmate in a lifetime,” says the widower left behind with two sons and scores of memories.

Read more about Kate's list in YOU, 14 October 2010.

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