UBM: Bushies Gone Wild go home

By Jaco Hough-Coetzee
31 October 2014

Team Bushies Gone Wild was eliminated last night in this gourmet braai adventure programme on e.tv

They entered the Third Season of Ultimate Braai Master for their love of food, good company and of course, to try and get their braai-singed-fingers on the cash. But unfortunately for them,

Durban friends Sherwyn Weaich (24) and Zane Jacobs (36) team mantra is “Bushies, how’s our combination”.  When they entered, they said they’re looking forward to going on what they call the food journey of a lifetime. And, if they should win, Sherwyn wanted to take his family on a long holiday and Zane would use some of his share to fund their charity “Full Tummies, Happy Smiles.” But now all these dreams were shattered when they were eliminated.

  • Catch the 9th episode of Ultimate Braai Master next Thursday on November 6, at 20:30 on e.tv.

The Fish River Canyon in the south of Namibia marks the start of the 9th leg of South Africa's toughest outdoor kitchen and the tension is rising between the remaining seven teams as they cross tongs in a challenge that's all about quintessential roadhouse food. While it seems like an easy challenge, many of the teams fail to produce the perfect burger, fries and milkshake and the two worst teams face off in a traditional South African Elimination with one more team's dreams going up in smoke.

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