UBM: Penny and Dee are 'in it to win it!'

By Jaco Hough-Coetzee
24 October 2014

Last night Ultimate Braai Master marked the 7th leg in what has proven to be the toughest season of this outdoor cooking show, and it’s not about to get any easier.

Teams were split into two groups and each group had to braai a variety of snoek dishes for 225 school kids from the area. But there was a trick: this time contestants were not trying to avoid elimination but they’re battling it out to get a spot in the reward challenge. And on spot was Team Tong in Cheek.

The team members, friends Penny Rider (55) from Johannesburg and Dee McCool (55) from Cape Town, say they are “In it to win it!”

And their performance last night shows that they are on the right track!

Penny and Dee say they entered Ultimate Braai Master after watching it on TV because they realised they could successfully compete in the show – plus they love a good adventure!

They think the most challenging part of the competition so far is to deal with the unknown and the long hours in the car. If they win this adventurous outdoor cooking competition, Braai Master Penny wants to get a food truck on the road to sell organic and healthy fast food, she says.

  • Catch the 8th episode of Ultimate Braai Master next Thursday, October 30, at 20:30 on e.tv.

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