Ultimate Braai Master

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05 December 2013

The team Spectacular was eliminated last night from Ultimate Braai Master (UBM), SABC3’s popular reality outdoor cooking show. The team members, Nonkululeko Zondo (29) and Lebo Thebe (28) from Johannesburg, share their thoughts

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Team Spectacular (Medium)

You did quite well and were only eliminated in episode 12. Was this a big disappointment with the finals just around the corner?

Yes, we were very disappointed – we really wanted to be in the top-3. But there can only be one winner. We gave our best and that's all that matters.

We don't have anything that we would say went wrong, we feel we did well and deserved to be in the top-3.

What was your most memorable moment in the series?

Touring the country on back routes and seeing what a beautiful country we have. The funniest moment was going fishing and actually getting the biggest fish! We didn't think we were going to get anything!

UBM has changed our lives because we have been exposed to so many things such as the great outdoors and cooking foods that we hardly cook at our homes.

Our outdoor favourite was camping in the wild coast: the scenario was beautiful and it was peaceful.

What was your biggest fear?

To go home early, because we really wanted to be around for the longest period.

You love braaiing?

Yes! It’s a fun thing to do and it can be done by anyone. It brings people together, no matter what culture you are. We love to braai chicken; it has natural flavours and if seasoned well, the flavours just come out and it’s enjoyable.

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