Unathi reveals the secret behind her incredible transformation

By Kirstin Buick
15 January 2016

If you need a little "fitspiration", head over to Unathi Msengana's Instagram feed.

There's nothing like a good before-and-after photo to make you recommit to those exercise goals you were so devoted to on 1 January. So if you need a little "fitspiration", head over to Unathi Msengana's Instagram feed. The singer and MetroFM DJ has been on a mission for months to transform her body -- and if these pics are anything to go by, mission accomplished!

The Sama award winner appeared on Top Billing to chat about her lifestyle change. A repeat of the original insert aired on the SABC 3 show last night. "I've always been athletic, but I gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant," she told host Roxy Burger. "With my first baby I gained 25kg. With my second, I gained 28. First baby, no social media. Second -- the abuse. The victimisation."

It's taken her four years to get to where she is now, having lost an incredible 30kg.

She got the ball rolling (or rowing, in this case) when a friend challenged her to do the Dusi canoe marathon, and she began paddling -- and started getting her athletic groove back. From there she started running, and then taking part in The Grid classes at Virgin Active.

According the Virgin Active site, The Grid is an all-rounder class. It's a 45% cardio, 45% strength and 10% mind and body workout. Participants will find themselves doing moves like squats, lunges, push-ups and other compound movements at an intense pace.


"The reality though is that I've had to understand 80% of it is in the kitchen, 20% is at the gym," she admits.

But the muso has a secret weapon up her sleeve -- green smoothies!

To make them, she blends apple, ginger, celery, spinach and (cooled) rooibos tea together in a food processor.


As yummy as her smoothies look, they're certainly not all Unathi eats. Along with her balanced diet, she also allows herself one cheat day a week. Her ultimate cheat meal? Brownies!

Now she's "got her body back", Unathi's determined to help other women battling with the same issues. "Not every woman can afford a nutritionist, not every woman can afford a stylist or a trainer."

The now-health and fitness obsessed beauty has started giving seminars to share what she's learnt on her journey with other local women.

"I've already been humiliated. Let me be there for other women."

Watch Unathi on Top Billing here

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