Undie-cover agent

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15 October 2010

A six-pack you could bounce a bottle of beer on, perfect pecs, a chiselled jaw and a smile you’d have to be blind not to be dazzled by. Add a charming personality and a sharp brain and what do you have? A recipe for the ideal hunk.

With credentials this impressive it’s little wonder Lunga Shabalala is setting the modelling world alight.

The Pietermaritzburg-born 21-year-old was recently announced the winner of the Represent South Africa in Calvin Klein Underwear competition, beating nine other undie-clad hotties to be crowned the local face – and bod – of the famous fashion house.

“I’m planning to move to Joburg next year to focus on my modelling career. I’m also going to start shooting the CK campaign next year – I can’t wait!”

Lunga is 1,8 m tall and weighs 77 kg but he used to be really skinny, he says. His determination to play rugby at school motivated him to do something about his physique.

“I’m very sporty and I wanted to play the game so I had to get bigger. I started eating five meals a day and hitting the gym four times a week, lifting weights. It really paid off.”

While Lunga looks great he’s not one of those metrosexuals who have more skincare products than their girlfriends - and sorry, girls, he does have a significant other in his life.

He uses soap and water on his face and the only bottle he relies on is one that carries the protein supplement to boost his diet.

He admits to being “a really big eater” who doesn’t have to watch his diet. But he can afford it as he goes to the gym and runs five times a week.

In keeping with his laidback student lifestyle Lunga has a casual jeans-and-T-shirt style.

“I’m happy to model whatever the job calls for but personally my style is very relaxed. The only thing I’m not comfortable with modelling is evening wear because I don’t generally wear that type of thing.”

“When they announced me as the winner I was overwhelmed. It took a few days before the reality set in. The good thing is I won the competition by being myself so I’ll continue to keep it real.”

Read all about it in YOU, 21 October 2010.

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