Unemployed man fakes own kidnapping to extort money from wife

By Samantha Luiz
23 February 2015

An unemployed Mexican man may be facing jail time after he faked his own kidnapping.

Eliot Garrido Guido (36), from Mexico City, made international headlines last week after his failed attempt to extort $450 (R5 300) in ransom money from his banker wife.

According to local authorities, the out-of-work builder was embarrassed that his wife earned more money than him. He soon enlisted the help of his friend, Carlos Amilcar Martinez (42) to stage the kidnapping. This deceit included photographs of him tied up and gagged, complemented by fake blood.

'We found them in a house about 300 metres away'

“When I saw the message and the photos I couldn’t believe what was happening,” said the wife, before enlisting the help of the police.

Soon enough the police caught wind of the scam after the message’s geo-location feature revealed that the man was holed up in a place not far from his home.

“We found them in a house about 300 metres away,” revealed a police spokesperson.

“They both confessed and were arrested on the spot.'”

The men now face five years in jail.

Guido is not the first known person to fake his own kidnapping. In 2013, Aftab Aslam, a college student was failing his English class and decided to fake his kidnapping rather than tell his parents he got an F in the subject.

In the same year, an 11-year-old Spanish boy faked his own kidnapping because his mom and dad had an appointment to see his teacher later that day. The boy sent his father (who happened to be a policeman) a text message saying he had been kidnapped and left in the boot of the car. When his father called him, he staged phone static and hung up. A few roadblocks and news reports later, the boy was found safe and sound in the family’s second residence.

Last year, a 12 year old boy in a French alpine village faked his own kidnapping because he was too terrified to visit the dentist. Talk about extreme odontophobia!

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, time.com, news.yahoo.com

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