Unwanted orphan now a ballerina

By admin
06 July 2012

Michaela was an unwanted orphan who realized her dream of becoming a ballerina.

She’ll never forget the day the wind blew a magazine against the orphanage’s gate in war-torn Sierra Leone. 

On the cover was a photograph of a white ballerina dancing on pointe.

She looked so happy, and the little girl began dreaming of one day being like that dancer.

But it also occurred to her that it was an almost impossible dream for someone like her.

After all, in the orphanage she was known as “devil child” because of the white patches on her chest and neck, the result of the skin condition vitiligo.

Furthermore no one would want to adopt her because she was a bit of a rebel. But Michaela DePrince tore off the front cover of that magazine and hid it, never giving up hope.

Read more of Michaela’s inspiring story by Lara Atson in YOU 12 July 2012

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