Up in real life?

By Kirstin Buick
10 July 2015

It looks as if a certain Canadian enjoyed the movie Up far too much.

Daniel Boria (26), of Calgary in Canada, decided to go up with the help of a bunch of colourful balloons, much like in the animation film.

Mercifully Daniel didn't tie his house to the balloons, but last Sunday he tied 110 helium balloons to a garden chair, sat in it and calmly took off.

In no time he was high above his hometown. The garden chair wasn't the safest choice in which to ascend into the heavens but Daniel, an experienced parachutist, had thought of a Plan B before taking off. He took his parachute with him.

He had planned to parachute from the chair into the middle of a big rodeo gathering that was taking place. The whole thing was part of a publicity stunt Daniel intended to use to advertise his cleaning-products business.

Although his plan seemed good in principle, the weather had other plans. A strong wind blew him to an empty piece of ground about a kilometre from the rodeo.

Daniel was arrested shortly after landing and charged with mischievous behaviour and endangering a life.

Although the stunt didn't go exactly as planned Daniel says it was worthwhile. Yesterday he said it was the most fun thing he'd ever done.

Fortunately for him many spectators watched his stunt and enthusiastically shared the spectacle on social media. It was also filmed.

Sources: Huffington Post; CNN

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