UPDATE: Four-year-old in freak hot-tub accident regains consciousness

By Kirstin Buick
05 March 2017

Little Isabella was seriously injured when her bottom became stuck to the filter in a hotel hot tub.

Little Isabella Floyd has regained consciousness -- but her fight isn't over yet.

This after the four-year-old from Hampshire in England was seriously injured when her bottom became stuck to a filter in a hot tub at a resort in Bulgaria.

Her mother Nicola was unable to free her, according to UK paper The Sun.

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Now the outlet reports the little girl has been brought out of her induced coma at St Anna Hospital in the Black Sea resort of Varna.

Doctors removed part of her bowel in two operations and put her into an induced coma.

PHOTO: Facebook PHOTO: Facebook

Paediatric doctor Rumen Hristov said the youngster is now conscious, but remains "in danger" in intensive care.

The harrowing incident occurred when Isabella was trying to copy her mom in the opposite corner of the Jacuzzi.

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Suddenly she started screaming,  “My tummy, my tummy!” in agony. She was only freed when the resort lifeguards switched off the machine.

“She started screaming," Nicola said after the accident. "There was no lid on the filter. She didn’t go underwater. I was holding her.”

When she was eventually freed, Isabella’s bowels were badly damaged.

The youngster was rushed to the hospital, where doctors performed the two operations, Metro.co.uk reports.

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“She never cried – she was just in shock. She’s my only child – it took me three years to get pregnant with her,” a devastated Nicola said.

Sources: The Sun, Metro.co.uk, Elite Daily

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