UPDATE: Wellington teacher's last WhatsApp message to principal's wife

By Joanie Bergh
20 June 2017

"I was not obsessed with Sunita. And I was certainly not in love with her. "

The night before her death, Sunita van Dyk (31) "took a lot of pills".

She allegedly wrote WhatsApp messages to her friend Eloise le Roux several hours before she died.

From the messages she allegedly sent between 7.15 and 8.43 to Eloise, the wife of the principal at Paarl Gymnasium Primary, Danie le Roux, seemed stressed when Eloise did not respond quickly enough.

"Talk to me please," she seemingly begs Eloise in a stream of messages. "I'm so sorry. I'll make up for it tomorrow and buy the most expensive champagne, love."

"I won't be so stupid again and get over my issues."

She then suggests they have a sleepover or "girl's night", eventually telling Eloise she had taken a lot of pills.

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Sunita, a teacher at Paarl Gymnasium Primary and her husband, Jacques, burned in their home outside Wellington in the early hours of May 10th. The fire originated in the house.

The last messages Sunita sent to her friend Eloise. The last messages Sunita sent to her friend Eloise.

Shortly after their death, it was alleged that Eloise's husband, Danie had a relationship with Sunita. He denies it completely.

Three weeks after the couple's death letters came to light in which Sunita and Eloise wrote to each other about how much they love and value each other.

Eloise maintains she and Sunita were just good friends.

"I talk to all my friends like that," she said. "We were like sisters."

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She also emphasises:

If someone had an "obsession" it was definitely not her or her husband Danie, she said.

Sunita had allegedly taken a lot of medication, including anti-depressants, pills for anxiety and sleeping pills. She and Jacques apparently had marital problems. Eloise says Sunita sent these WhatsApp message shortly before her death.

About the rumours that Eloise visited what was left of the Van Dyks' house many times and removed Sunita's laptop and mobile phone from the scene, she said: "It's all false. Every time I was at the scene, I was with Sunita's mother or the police.

"The police gave me Sunita and Jacques's rings in a bag to give to Sunita's mother, who was next to me. That's exactly what I did.

"Her mom was too upset that day when she was standing infront of her child's burned house and their bodies were just removed," she told YOU.

"Furthermore, Sunita only had a laptop which belonged to the school. That laptop has always been at school."

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