US rapper Mos Def disses South Africa on Kanye West's website

By Samantha Luiz
20 January 2016

In a new freestyle posted on Kanye West's website, Us rapper Yasiin Bey, also known as Mos Def, announced his retirement from music and called on fellow artists to boycott South Africa.

there is another space, and it is not inside this one. reminiscing a shot through the lens of and works from @msantiagophotos

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This follows the artist's arrest over false travelling documents. In the 10 minute audio message, the rapper said he "unjustly, unlawfully, and without any logical reason" prevented from leaving Cape Town, where he's been living since 2013.

"I am retiring from the music recording industry as it is currently assembled today, and also from Hollywood, effective immediately. I'll be releasing my final album this year," he freestyles.

"I haven't broken any law, and I'm being treated like a criminal." The whole situation started when Mos Def was was detained after he tried to leave the country using a "World Passport". But the department of Home Affairs claimed his documents were fraudulent.

"[Mos Def] attempted to depart the country from the Cape Town International Airport by producing an unrecognised ‘world passport”, which was declined by immigration officials", the department released in a statement. Mos Def did not enter SA with World Passport – Home Affairs "In this regard, an order has been issued to Mr Smith’s wife, mother and four children to depart the country within 14 days. This order will be monitored by immigration officials."

"Please tell 'em no more parties in SA," he responds in his freestyle, a reference to Kanye West's song No More Parties In LA.

"I don't need to stay, I'll leave and I'll stay away.

"My family and I are prepared immediately to make whatever move that we need to make outside of this state, never to return to this state again."

Listen to the freestyle below

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