Vampire Diaries is back!

By admin
03 January 2014

We have a serious case of vamp fever – check out which supernatural creature you’d want to be.

Mystic Falls has all kinds of supernatural creatures. Which one would you rather be?

Vampires: They’re immortal, sexy and can zip from one place to the next.

Disadvantage?They have to chase after their meal or be happy with a blood bag.

Werewolves: Hot, hairy and super strong.

Disadvantage? They have painful transitions every month.

Witches: They’re magical and can spell their way out of any situation.

Disadvantage? Everyone wants to kidnap them and force them to do spells.

Humans: You get to hook up with sexy supernatural creatures.

Disadvantage? You might be a meal ticket - humans die roughly every 30 minutes in Mystic Falls.

Check out Vampire Diaries every Friday at 22:00 on SABC2 and every Tuesday at 20:00 on M-Net Series Showcase (channel 113) on DStv.

By Lara Atson

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